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Oil Change

Oil Change Services

Every car model’s engine is built differently, and each engine’s oil requirement is different.

At J And A we make sure your vehicle receives the right kind of oil and filter changed at a best price. Our technicians will ensure only  the best type of oil for your car’s individual requirement is used.  This will help keep your engine working at its best, consistent with your manufacturer’s recommendations.  Direction to us

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Our Key Benefit

Making sure that you replace your oil, and oil filter on a regular basis is very important.  It is one of the most important routine vehicle maintenance you could do to your car.

Our Oil Packages

$99.99 full synthetic oil change

Recommended for most vehicles up to 10 years old or if manufacturer suggested.

$79 High mileage oil change

Recommended for most vehicles with more than 75,000 miles or over 10 years old.

$69 synthetic blend oil change

Recommended for most vehicles with fewer than 75,000 miles or under 10 years old.

Some tips

As new vehicles are getting better and better, the three thousand mile oil change is a thing of past. If you’re still changing your car’s oil every three thousand miles, you’re wasting your money. You need to know what type of oil your car requires and the capacity. You need to know where the oil filter is located. Cheap oil filters will damage your car over time, because they can take up to nine seconds longer to achieve maximum flow at startup. If you use one of those quick lube shops, make sure you know what type of oil they will use to refill the crankcase. Make sure you check the level on the dipstick before you leave the shop. Earlier I mentioned that you need to know where the oil filter is located, here’s why; Some shops will not change the filter, but will charge you for one. if you mark the old one before you take the car for servicing, you’ll be able to verify that it has been replaced. Most of these shops lose money on the $24.99 oil change. A good quart of oil will set you back about five dollars, so if your car requires five, that’s twenty- five dollars, add the oil filter and you’re over the thirty dollar mark. 

With all this power and amenities, most people forget or never knew that it is the same basic internal combustion engine used over a hundred years ago. And, electric and hybrid cars require even less maintenance than conventional automobiles. Learning basic maintenance about your vehicle can save you thousands of dollars over time and minimize potential breakdowns.

Here at J And A we will take care of your vehicle based on the manufacturer requirements.

If you find yourself bothered by a hectic schedule or the lack of knowledge in performing maintenance and repair, let J And A Auto Repair get all the work done. We can provide you with the best in engine diagnostics, to make sure that we accurately pinpoint the problem. With the latest technology, we make sure to save you the time and money by knowing where exactly is the problem in your car’s engine.

You should never be left in the dark about the process and the conversations around it. It is your absolute right to understand the nature of service undertaken and the service company that breaks it down for you in easy terms, instead of confusing you with jargon, is the ideal choice. Also, a company’s staff and personnel are more often than not a reflection of how the organisation functions. So it would be wise to choose a service provider, whose personnel are trained and consumer-friendly.