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Brakes Repair

Brake Repair and Services

J And A Auto Repair’s technicians have worked on every kind of brake issue there is, and we can help you with problems involving hydraulic brake fluid, brake pedals, power brake boosters, brake master cylinders, drum brakes, disk brakes, anti-lock brakes, and any other brake component in the world. In short, we know your vehicle’s brake system inside and out, which makes us the top brake repair shop in the Chicago area

Rear Rotors and Pads Replacement starting at $459.99*
Brake Grinding? J And A Auto Repair

Brake pads symptoms

When you give us the opportunity to work on your brakes, J And A Auto Repair gives you a lifetime workmanship guarantee. 

At J And A Auto Repair, we understand the importance of a working brake system, which is why we urge our customers to have regular brake inspections at least once per year. During the inspection we will examine your vehicle for various common issues that may include:


If the brakes on your car are faulty or damaged, you must get it checked as soon as possible. Because when you drive and the brakes fail, you could bump into another car or a pedestrian. This could have catastrophic consequences for you and the other party involved. A brake pad replacement could be a simple solution if your brakes are faulty. Make sure to take the advice of the mechanic once he has examined your car’s brakes and fix the problem right away.

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