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#1 Power Brake Booster – What is it? and How it works? Free Inspection

Power Brake Booster – What is it, and how it works?

The brake booster provides you with the power assistance required for the braking process. The reason for this booster is so that not much force is required to make the brakes work.

We provide Power Brake Booster Services in Chicago when this brake system part does not work as it should. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of the braking system for all types of cars. If you are looking for specialized services, we offer the best option with timely service at very affordable cost.

Power brake booster can fail for a number of reasons that affect its ability to overcome the fluid pressure by use of a vacuum. A defective brake booster will show by the following signs:

  • A hard to engage brake pedal

When you notice that your brake pedal looks raised higher than normal at rest, then the brake booster may have a problem. Another indication of a defective brake booster is if you find it hard to depress the brake pedal. It will take a lot of effort to get the pedal to work. The hard set of the pedal can occur suddenly and this can prove dangerous when it happens.

  • The vehicle takes long before stopping on brake application

Sometimes the car may take a while before coming to a stop. It means you have to make more pressure to the brakes before they engage. The power brake booster in this instant does not provide you with the boost needed to stop the car. This again can prove dangerous if it is happens at a crucial moment. You may not brake in time therefore hit other cars, pedestrians or objects.

  • Your car engine stalls on braking

When the power brake booster lacks adequate vacuum to stop the vehicle, it will draw from the engine. The car engine will therefore stall every time you apply brakes. This can be very inconveniencing. Our trained mechanics should fix this problem for you in no time.

Get in touch with us today and have us fix the power brake booster problem for you.


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